Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing You've Caught Someone Else Doing?

No much talk. What is the Funny and most embarrassing thing you have caught someone else doing? May be your friend/Bestie, girlfriend/Boyfriend, Coursemate, roommate, boss/co-worker etc. Mine loading... Don't wait for me o. Oya legooo... Oya see my own here It was this my guy who always tell me and my pals that he won't have anything to do wit girls till we graduate from school. I was shocked the day my 3 friends I barged into his hostel room without knocking... We caught Princewill kissing a girl grin . All These UNI Girls can be so temptinggrin I and my friends left the room immediately while laughing at his Words. We later brought up the topic and he was so embarrassed to answer us.

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