Friday, March 25, 2016

See what happens when parent allow 13 year old girl sign up to IG

It is appalling what people use social media for, and we should always exhort the young ones to be very careful how they use it. This young girl posted this on her IG handle and got a response from a dude.

So 13 year old Aisha is minding her business on IG when the male, who is also 13 years decides to drop his number so that they can make each others acquaintance. It seems harmless enough, right? Two teens hooking up... The only problem is when you see the dude claiming to be 13 years, you will hiss and shake your head. See his photo bellow

Behold the '13 year old' dude who dropped his number on the IG handle of a very young girl, asking to make her acquaintance... 

What were his intentions? Guys, gals, any ideas?
Parent, please look after your kids before they get exposed to the wrong hand.

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