Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sacked Today For Being 'too Introverted', Unfair?

I recently took on a job, about few days ago (less than two weeks), as a office assistant/ Computer operator at an office located at Ojudu Berger. This is partly because I had just finished the just concluded Jamb utme examination and I was less-busy at home and I needed to develop work ethics and gain professional experiences that would be vital in future. There are TONs of stuff you have to learn while being in this position & I was doing great making photocopies, taking passports, and even helping out in typying.

When we are less busy, My boss comes for a chat with my co-workers﹑ which they eagerly and actively participate but I don't. Not because I do not like my Boss or I'm avoidant, but I prefer being at peace with my thought and value my personal space. Then I noticed after few days, Her behaviour and mood towards me changed for the worse as she shouts at me and insults me if i make mistakes, Ofcourse, That's not a problem, but the hurtful part is she hurls insult on my personality. She says to me "You stand there like mumu'', 'Dondie'', 'Lookie lookie like deaf and dumb' e.t.c .
But today at work, I made a mistake with taking a passport photograph due to the fact that the pressure was much coupled with the over-crowded enivironment.She instantly got annoyed and said she can't tolerate a dull and mumu person and that I'm too dull. She said I should leave.

I was pissed because I had not been given a chance to learn everything needed to know Yet. I think this was really unfair since I was not even given a chance to improve. She said blame me for being an "observer", but she had to let me go.

I'm not sad this happen but this had triggered my incentiveness and challenged me the more. I'm even courting an idea of developing a start-up.

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