Monday, March 28, 2016

How hard is it to find Mr right?

Hello all,
I was just wondering.. How do single ladies get hooked up in Nigeria?
When I say get hooked up I mean in a serious relationship, not those ones that the guy is just there to eat some booty..I mean a serious one that leads to serious relationship and finally, marriage? Those ones our parents practised in the 60's. Seriously how??

I mean, you think you are fine, hot, and well mannerd, got good brains, can keep conversations on but it's hard for you finding mr right. Where are all the mr rights in Nigeria? Abi they are all taken ni? Where are the good guys?

Wen I was in 100lvl I always picture 500level as that level where everything is just perfect, you you and your fiancee driving around in his ride and doing 5 and 6 everywhere. Maybe by then you are engaged with one fine ring.

Am there now and Mr right is still not here..nawa ooo.
Where are all the Mr right guys nah.. Oga o!
My prince charming, whr @tho?

Jxt thinkin out Loud grin gringrin

Mods, pls help fish those mr rights out

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