Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Help! I Feel Like A 21st Century Witch

I am feeling more like a devil right now, cry cry

I have a friend who owns a Business Hub where Technology startups are enhanced and built in the southern state.

Occasionally, he partners with Google to organized tech and entrepreneurial events and i am always one of the resource person, we are good friends and we share alot.

When i traveled down for one of the training, he showed me his girl, whom he also call his fiance.

One day he called me to say one of the mentee in the hub was going to represent him in an event in Lagos and that he would like her to stay in my place, and i gladly accepted.

The lady came and she was completely amazing, i took her shopping and we had massive fun, i liked her already and she stayed a little longer after the program before she left.

She became my friend and sees me too as a mentor, i advised her in areas of my specialties and helped her market her startup, she started visiting Lagos randomly because she now had me, so one day when she visited, she told me she is really in love with her mentor in the Hub, who is also the man that introduced her to me, i told her the mentor already have a fiance and she confirmed that she knows but just in love with him, we talked over it and we had a good laugh.

So last year when i went for the training, i did not see the Hub manager fiance, i asked him and he told me she is fine, i said are you sure because she is always here in your programs, what happened, the guy laughed and went away.

When he left, this lady who usually visits me in Lagos then told me, that they have broken up, that the lady was not good for her because she knows nothing about his business, the hub or help in anyway and so he had to let her go. we talked over it and i said shebi you are in love with him, isn't this the best time for you to go in lol. initially i took this as a play but when i returned from the training early this year, the lady called me and said she knows i can influence him to fall in love with her, i told her since he is single that i will see if my pranks can work.

I started talking to the guy about one of his mentee, how i like her and how good she is, he also confirmed she was good bla bla bla bla, i started talking to him about dating the girl, used different tricks, initially the guy was neutral and did not want to have anything to do with someone in his hub, to avoid disrespect et all, but i told him the girl is more matured than that etc. and ofcourse i asked the girl to shower him with respect, work smart, well and make him see reasons to fall in love.

Few weeks after we put all of these together, he asked her out and they started dating, I was so happy for them.

But trouble started when the old fiance of the guy came to me on facebook to chat, reporting the guy to me, that she knows he respects me alot and so she wants me to talk to him, and i asked what is the issue, she told me she has a child for him, a child they are bringing up together and that the child is less than 6 months old, that he was a good father until recently (the exact time he started dating this girl in the office) he has changed, and that he is now dating a girl in his office and that the girl has been robing it on her face, that the girl had the mind to come to their child dedication and flaunt her relationship with her fiance even though she still wears his ring and he still insist there is nothing to worry about.

I asked her, did you guys ever broke up and she said never, infact it was his idea to keep the child, they never had any issue in the relationship, and the reason she never showed up for the program last year was because her baby was so little she couldnt leave her alone in the house, i think the baby was a month old then.

At that point my head bursted, how could i be a party to those who will inflict pains and agony on another woman.

I never knew she had a girl for him or that they are still dating, this lady used my head and made me confused an innocent man, even though i do not understand why the guy never told me he now has a child.

I asked this other lady if she knew the fiance had a child and she said yes, that she did not want to tell me and that she doesn't care if she has a child or not, that the fiance did it out of wickedness to have a child for him so to block others from competing with her, i almost went mad at hearing her talk that way, i asked her to leave the couple alone to bring up their child that i will never be part of it but she said she cannot.

What do you think i can do to correct this mess i have created.

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