Monday, March 28, 2016

Guys, Ever Been Embarrassed For Visiting A Lady? Share Your Experiences

Nearly every guy has at least once in his lifetime experienced a memorable awkward moment when he was brutally embarrassed for visiting a lady either by the lady's parents, her brothers, uncle or her boyfriend whom she never told you about.

*Let me share mine*

A few years ago, I was in a long distance relationship with a very pretty lady. After several months of regular chats, calls and SMSes; I planned on how to meet with my supposed girlfriend and of course, our wishes came to reality as I travelled down to meet with her.

She entertained me with pictures and we started discussing those nasty things we used to say on the phone and how we have both been fantasising about the day we will meet, make fun and perhaps, make love. We discussed at length and later ran out of gist after which I went to the bathroom to have my bath and she followed suite after I was done. (She lived in a self-contain apartment)

We further had a little gist, we became quiet and started looking at each other just like a puppy that has not been fed for days. That was when I knew it was time for the show to begin when someone knocked on the door. She headed towards the door and opened it and here came this young man of an average height, dark sinned and a bit mancho. He didn't greet me but as a perfect gentlemen, I greeted him but I noticed he didn't respond (whether you answer of not, na ur own wahala be that, I said to myself).

What I noticed was the sudden facial expression of contempt registered on his face and the first question he asked her was what I was doing in her room and I was like wtf !! "Shey dis one dey craze ni?, who be dis dog wey no get rope for neck?" Be like say this guy no know me, even Goodluck Ebele Jonathan no fit pursue me comot for here" .... I just throway face dey reply my BBM PINGs as I no kuku get business with am

When I got the greatest shock of my life was when she introduced me to him as an ex classmate way back in secondary school and that I only came to say hello to her and would be leaving soon.. The dude started shouting calling her all sort of names and demanded I leave the room before he's forced to do what would hurt me shocked I couldn't just stand the humiliation and was forced to leave that night after which I passed the night in an uncompleted building.

She later called and start pleading that it was her uncle and that he had gone so I should return back. I got furious and heaped curses on her never to call me again..

I later deleted her number, blocked her on whatsapp and unfriend her on facebook.

I have never felt embarrassed like this in my life all because of punni

Guys, don't be shy, share that embarrassing moment of yours and spread the fun

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