Wednesday, March 30, 2016

10 Things Some Nigerian Ladies Are Doing To Get Married- By Danceville

Even the best Criminal Lawyer In Arizona can't stop these girls self!.

1.Snatching A Friend Or Relation's Man:
All is fair in love and war! Rumour has it that women have resorted to locking their phones, hiding their men and coding their gist from so called friends cos it's a Jungle out there ....

2. Prayer And Fasting To Dieties/god:
This would presumably be an honourable means of obtaining a husband but sometimes, the prayers are offered up to deities other than God and other times it becomes a song permanently on repeat...

3.Taking Of His Photograph:
Taking his photograph to 'Cele Church' for a Prophetess to pray over or a powerful 'Alfa'.Heard it works like a charm...

4.Taking His Sperm, Hair, Etc:
Taking his sperm, hair or personal effects to Baba.
Guys disposing of your condoms yourself is not such a bad idea...

5.Putting Love Portion In His Food!:
This is classic and timeless but shouldn't it be called a 'Compelling" portion? Because in this case, Love na by Force!...

6.Proposing To A Guy!:
Yes it does happen......(Who wears the engagement ring?)..

7.Becoming A Worker In Church!:
Rumour has it that men go to church to marry, the same rumour also reveals that 'Greeters', 'Ushers' and 'Lead Soloists' have the best exposure....Praise the Lord Somebody!...

8.Revamping Yourself:
Change your ward-drobe, lose 20kg, buy a truckload of Brazillian hair, study the Karma-Sutra, do a Vaginoplasty and change the age on your birth-certificate to read 22.
A compulsory gym membership and 'body magic' also indicated..

9.Trapping Him With Pregnancy:
This used to be the Old school method of getting a man to propose.From skipping the pill to seducing the man or getting him drunk when she was ovulating.Now the guys are saying YES to baby mamas and YES to child support.Are the girls deterred? NO! The girls have stepped up their game by involving the parents and you know parents don't like scandals.

10.Giving Him Unlimited Freedom:
As long as he proposes. "Tell me I'm number one baby, tell me I'm the future mother of your kids and not Amina, Bisi or Nneka!" Women used to wanna be the one and only in their man's life, now being the number one is good enough ......
Some Ladies will actually deny this....Hmm! Let's see!..
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