Thursday, March 31, 2016

Here is Why Tesla is the New Apple

Camping out for days in advance to be the first in line is no longer reserved for Apple product launches or Black Friday.

One man in Australia will be camping out 48 hours in advance so that he can be the first one through the doors of a Tesla showroom when reservations for the Model 3 open up. And unlike waiting in line for an Apple product, Andreas Stephens won’t be leaving the showroom with a shiny new car, but a piece of paper that promises him one in what will likely be two years. What makes it even crazier is that Tesla hasn’t even confirmed what the Model 3 will look like, but that isn’t stopping Tesla fans from lining up to drop a deposit.

A prototype of the Tesla Model 3 will make its debut on March 31 and that’s when customers around the world can reserve one with a deposit either online or at a Tesla showroom. But if some of these Tesla fans were given a choice, they wouldn’t even wait to see what it looks like before reserving one just to be in front of the line.

This type of devotion has been well documented among Apple fans, who have no problems waiting in line for days in advance for the newest iPhone. It shows just how dedicated Tesla fans have become in a short period of time.

Unfortunately for Stephens, he won’t become the first Model 3 owner in Australia, since he currently doesn’t own a Tesla Model S or Model X. The American electric automaker is giving priority to current owners as a show of thanks for supporting the brand.


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