Monday, March 28, 2016

A Father's Daunting Experience With A Traditional Bone Setter

Father A walked into the hospital with his 9 year old son looking worried and stressed out. His son however looked toxic wincing intermittently in pain, helpless. I could clearly see the reason for his pain. His right hand was massively swollen, dark in colour with terribly damaged skin.

Looking at his dad for an explanation, he went on to tell me that his boy had broken his hand 5 days ago while playing with his peers. He had taken him to a traditional Bone Setter who "treated" him. He was in the hospital because his son had gotten worse.

I looked at his son and prayed his hand would be salvaged. It would be so unfair having a little boy's hand amputated because of the father's ignorance. I gave the boy some pain medications, started him on antibiotics, took down notes and counselled the father. I called the Orthopaedic surgeons and offered yet again another prayer. 

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