Monday, March 28, 2016

Any Married Lady Who Never Had This Is As Good As unmarried.

It is no longer news that tradition is the opium of the people and no one is contending that.

But when it comes to marriage,while some believe that without paying of bride price,the man can not be said to be married to a lady and some believe that without the white wedding,a marriage can not be said to have received GOD's blessings.

Well i'm not here to discus on that aspect of marriage and i had to drop this quick one as a result of the mentioned i got on a thread relating to this.

I am not sorry to write this...

Any married lady who never had a legal wedding otherwise called Court or registry wedding is as good as single.Quote me anywhere in the world.

And this is very true for some reasons but i will mention a few.

1. He can not just wake up one day and say he does not like your face again and send you out of your matrimonial home.
2. He dares not marry another wife except he divorces you
3. He must have a valid reason for divorcing you and must be able to convince the court.
4. You have protection under the law for yourself and your child(ren) in case he dies

I can continue to list several other reasons but let me just stop here.If you like, say you trust your husband,he loves you,he can never treat you bad..O.Y.O lo wa.

If you like let the man spend 1billion on your traditional wedding and do a white,blue,green,indigo wedding with a trillion naira. The fact is that these two ceremonies combined with all the money spent is not as binding and constitutional as a simple court wedding with just 4 people in attendance.

Unfortunately we have seen many people getting away with bad acts despite the fact that they had a legal wedding but the reason is because the affected individual usually lets go without putting up a fight due to high cost of legal battle and no thanks to parents and family members who always preach to them that "what is yours will always stay with you" and that they should let go which i see as stories for the gods.

Ladies be an endangered specie in the cruel world of men,legal wedding was specifically created to protect more of the lady's marital right so take advantage of it or ignore at your own risk.

I will stop here.

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