Monday, March 28, 2016

How To Live With a contentious woman

I have read many threads and comments here about avoiding errors in making choices of your spouce hence this my first thread on how those who now live with a contentious and nagging wife can survive.

Once the knot is tied and the butterflies fly away and reality sets in , its now time to take the bull by he horn and survive or DIE.

Note- these women have good intentions for being contentious women. They are protecting their man. Wants him to come back home straight from the office, to always look away when he sees a beautiful woman, calls and calls to know where you are and still calls even after a million explanations until you can't take the call again, try to stop you from hanging out with friends over a bottle of beer, try to correct everything they perceive as an error you made, goes the extreme with you as in- why call consistently when i have told you what's up, then you hear OK I will NEVER call again. Ahhh the list is endless.

The typical Naija man is a hardworking hustler who doesn't want to be slowed down with the rules to make a woman happy while he withdraws into a shell.

1. Never keep pleasing her to displease yourselves- if you keep playing by her rules she will still complain.
2. Never neglect your network of friends especially guys you discuss business with just because she doesn't like them.
3. Never raise your hands on her except she has beaten you atleast twice- ie. Her first beating could be a mistake, second beating, she has anger issues, if she tries to repeat it, Brother deliver her but carefully so you Dont give marks or injury for she still remains your wife.
4. Provide all you can but never get into debt to please her.
5. You can never talk sense into a contentious woman if you try you hurt both yourselves more so resort to short syllabus words- Love you, thank you, excuse me, fine, etc.
She will never stop checking your phone and will still fine faults even when there is nothing there so always lock yours and never look at hers.
6. She will manipulate to into jealousy- Never give into any kind of manipulation no matter how it hurts.
7. Ignore her rantings and concentrate on raising your kids.

8. Live with your problems, get used to it, and you will walk through victorious where others have failed.
9. Always remember that the man who contends with more problems/ issues and challenges is always a better man.

Name callers are welcome- constructive critisiam is well come above all matured experienced contributions very welcomed.

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