Thursday, March 24, 2016

See the newly designed 'Wailers Club Worldwide Official Membership Form' (hilarious photo)

I am sure you well and so with everything around you. My name is Michael Duru (Dr).

Something happened yesterday while I was at work. We have have this whatsapp group of Nigerians in Diaspora (my country of residence) who are members of profession. In a fun way, we are always divided along party lines, support and affiliation viz PDP/GEJites and APC/Buharists. Yesterday one of the core pro Buhari resigned his membership of APC/Buhari group based on very many reasons he listed based on bad governance of the current administration and one of us jokingly called on me to give him our wailers club official membership form. The people on the other side made a jest of it, after we laughed it up I said to myself "I can create something on this". It was not a busy day so I used my iPhone to create a form and funny enough they praised it. Later that evening I stumbled on a wailers logo on Facebook and used it to upgrade the

Attached file is the picture of the wailers club worldwide official membership form.

Interested lailans should print and fill the forms, and return it to

Keep doing the good work. Have a nice day.


See the hilarious form below

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