Thursday, September 1, 2016

When She Asks For The condition Of Your Manliness.

How will you feel if a lady asks you to tell her the size and condition of your manliness?

Oh i guess you will give her that "olosho" look as it seems to be a taboo for a lady to ask such questions from a man especially when she is considering settling down with him in a no sex before marriage affair....interesting.

Lets think for a you think we are fair to these ladies who are not expected to cheat on their hubbies.even if they marry men whose J.T is not functioning or either too big for comfort or not big enough to satisfy them in bed i guess they are just expected to cry in silence and act as if all is unfair.

How selfishly convenient it is for a guy who can just look at a lady and see if she has what he wants as regards sexual endowments.
We're used to hearing the kind of despicable “guy talk” that evaluates women according to their bra size or even … interior dimensions — but not so much women. I think this is grossly unfair on our ladies.

It will be surprising for many to know that some ladies just cant handle anything above 6inch due to the morphology of their organs while some ladies would rather not marry than be with a man below 5inches or one that has erectile problems and yes we know shits happen and a man full of life can have health issues after marriage but that is a totally different ball game.

So when you meet a man,rather than go into premarital sex just to know what he has down there,please let go of your timidity and save yourself from possible unpleasant situation after marriage by asking him just to know what to expect.

And for those who are very curious about the functionality i guess a deep embrace should kick up the thing or if possible let him show you the thing...seeing it is not a sin as long as you don't go the extra mile of committing fornication with him.

Sexual satisfaction is very very vital to ladies even when they don't express it out and when a lady says "i do" to any man,they are actually saying i do to that thing down there so they deserve to know the size and condition of what they will be saying "i do" to and apparently what they will live with for the rest of their lives without necessarily committing adultery.

Hope this makes sense

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