Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chuwee Aka Dapi, A Soldier Killed By Boko Haram On Sunday (pic)

According to a social media user Pearixcoo,his friend who is a soldier was killed on Sept 25 by Boko Haram.He wrote...

 'RIP to A brave solider who died in serving his country 25-09-16 my man soo sad guy wo blv in us guy who wished Seeing us united the order time we did Gtg u where not around buh dropped a msg, last time we talk on phone was the very 1st day u landed Cameroon you called me we talked for hrs laughn nd,we talk like old time back to back,recalled the voice u used calling my surname and said when u comebk we shall see and talk old times,even wen I nver call u you still Value me,pplc call u paprboy,Dapi,henry buh I call you Chuwee your legacy will for ever be remembered my Hero I remenbered our conversation you Said to me If you don't kill them the will kill you #gee I blv you,rest well #Mate still shocked M confused'

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