Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How My Hatred For Suits Almost Cost Me An Interview

I was recently invited to an interview for a managerial post and I decided to wear my usual corporate long sleeves and trouser. This is my usual dressing to interviews. I have never loved suits. In fact the only time I have worn suit was on my wedding. So I was doing well in the interview until the panelists said my shirt was washed and even though I am not wearing suits, I could have worn something better.

 I was truly shocked that was a new shirt I was wearing for the 1st time after my brother brought it down from abroad. Embarrassed was an understatement. Guess my performance was more important to them than my "washed shirt" cos after less than 24hrs after the interview I was called that I was successful and being invited for 2nd stage interview this weekend. Now I am not taking chances... I have bought a brand new smart suit! Please can one also wear senators to an interview though I have never tried it. That's also a corporate wear isn't it? Let's discuss things you can wear to interviews guys!

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