Monday, May 30, 2016

When You Are No Longer In Love With Someone, Which of these Do You Do?

........A lot of times we fall out of love with pple, not cos dey did something wrong or offend us, but it just happens for wotever reason. Happened to me several times. Friends use to say i never truly love d person and wot i felt was infatuation. Sighs... Dats so not true. So which of the following do u normally do wen ur no longer in love with someone who didn't cheat or offend u? which is d best??

......(1)Break up with him/her politely and amicably and not care less about his/her subsequent reaction/melodrama.

.....(2)Ghost him/her completely: No explanation, u don't call, or pick his call, he never hears frm u and never sees u again except u bumped into each other by mistake.

....(3)(Dis one is for guys, don't think women do dis one): U keep having sex with her but pretends to love her. U continue to keep dis facade for as long as u like.

....(4)U start ignoring him/her: u don't show her love anymore like u used to, u don't give her attention or care, but u dont break up with him/her cos ur not ready for any drama, or u simply dont know how to break it to him/her without making her feel bad.

....(5)U force urself to continue to love him/her cos u cant bear to see him/her suffer emotionally.

....(6)U dump him/her like a piece of trash! And move on with ur life.

.....So which category do u belong to? If ur category is not here, mention it. I do 1, 2 and 4

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