Monday, May 30, 2016

How A Man Embarrassed His Wife In My Presence Today

This is how it just happened and I wonder why a man should be that mean to his own wife.

I was coming from East to Lagos (Ihiala to Lagos) this morning and decided to stay at my Junction to wait for a cheaper vehicle going to Lagos, instead of going to the park and pay more ( I didn't have much left).

Luckily, I got a private vehicle and the occupants were the man, his wife (and baby) and another woman (passenger) they picked along the road.

When we got to Orifite, we picked another passenger and we set out for the journey.

Along the road, the man (driver) gave the wife a wrap of Moi-Moi they bought earlier to open it (if she wanted to eat). But the woman didn't hear the "if you want to eat".

She thought the husband wanted to eat the stuff and she opened it and gave to the man.

Immediately, the man started shouting at the woman in our presence. He went as far as saying making signs to us "you see the kind of wife I married"? He said it repeatedly and I had to calm him down.

After some time, he came up with same rubbish and that was when the woman said she didn't hear him say "if you want...".

The most painful part of it was the hating face he put up while insulting his wife in the public as if they were sworn enemies.

I respected the maturity in the woman as she never uttered a word while the man was fuming over a non-issue.

For me, There's no perfect wife and we have to learn how to manage our wives in the public. If you insult her in the public, you hurt her ergo and reduce her respect for you.

Take it or leave, rebuking your spouse in the public is a bad gesture. Even if you must react, it has to be friendly. When you get to your house, shout off your roof.

Our wives are our lovers, our mothers, our soul mates, our friends, our managers, our pride, our joy and our life partners.

Don't embarrass her in the Public. She's a human, not an angel.

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