Tuesday, May 31, 2016

To Become A 2nd Lieutenant In Nigerian Army. Benefits

Good morning guys, I am a graduate from the Premier University and recently passed out from NYSC programme. I have always been into business right from my university days because I crave independence.

While serving, I was also into business. Before passing out, I launched my startup and currently have 2 employees. Although, I studied mechanical engineering, I have no plans to work in the industry, except as a business person utilizing my skills.

Now for the purpose of this post. I have an uncle who has contacted me twice to join the armed forces - police and recently army. He is a politician and has a slot and wants someone from our family to fill the position. I outrightly turned down the police offer but recently army came in and I am having second thoughts.

As a child I wanted to be a soldier but I was an only son. Hell no, there's no way my parents would have allowed me go to NDA. I am 23, ambitious, and still crave independence and financial buoyancy.

I want to find out what the benefits of joining the army are. Specifically as a second lieutenant. Would I be commanding troops? Can I combine it with my business? The latter is my major concern, I don't have plans of touching the salary I get from NA.

Basically, what is my job description, the demands of the job, and the time I get for myself. Thanks in anticipation.

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