Saturday, August 27, 2016

Seven Ways To Make Customers Feel Valued.

Making your customers feel important is a tremendous step in building customer loyalty. How do you know what customers want in order to feel important? While each individual is different, there are six definitive ways you can make your customers feel important every time they interact with your business.

1. Know Your Customer's Name Know your customer! If you or your service team regularly meets customers face-to-face, then practice learning and memorizing names. Every time the customer returns to your place of business, they are greeted by name, making them feel like they are royalty.

2. Treat Each Customer as Your Best Customer Customers want to know they are valued by your business. No customer should be an interruption. They are the lifeline of your business and should always be treated as such. Train your service staff to give complete attention to a customer. Let the customer know that their needs are the most important item of business at this very moment.

3.Smile Genuinely Why is it so hard for some service professionals to smile? A dour-faced service professional will accomplish much less than one who is friendly. Be sure that you and your service staff practice giving a smile to every customer.

4. Resolve Issues Immediately If you have a customer with an issue, resolve it immediately. Nothing makes a customer feel valued and important than when you drop everything to solve their problem. Avoid saying, "I'll see what I can do." Sometimes it is necessary to get back to a customer at a later date, but if there is an immediate solution available, do it now.

5. Be Proactive Making customers feel important also means that you anticipate their needs. Do you know that Mrs. Smith likes to have a coffee waiting at her table? That Mr. Jones requires extra legroom? Think ahead of your customers. Know what your returning customers need are and be ready to meet them. Though you may not know all the needs of new customers, try your best to read them and anticipate what they may need. Do not be afraid to ask what else you can do to make them happier.

6. Say "Thank You" Your mother probably taught you this fundamental rule, and it is certainly good advice. Always say "thank you" and use the customer's name whenever possible. By acknowledging that you appreciate their patronage, your customers will know they are valued.

Valued customers are your loyal customers. Make the effort to make them feel important. With each positive impact you make on a customer, you will be rewarded - not only with their business, but by referrals and a reputation that precedes you.

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