Sunday, August 21, 2016

If Not For The Nigerian Custom Officers On Night Duty...

Submitted by a blog reader.

...God bless the Nigeria custom officers on night duty.

19/8/16 - 20/8/16 12.15am
Note* Disturbing pictures.

If you are my friend, it's easy to figure out I have serious issues with men in uniform.

I am always the first to thank them for their service to our nation, and after that I rather have nothing more to do with them. Why? I don't like their "slap and kill" attitude, but tonight, I have a reason to be grateful and thankful to them.

So, it is 12a.m and Henry Adetutu Gbadega decided to take a perfect tumbling step down the bathtub and smashed half his face on the floor .....tiled floor.

He had a smashed face, blood everywhere with pieces of flesh.

Cars are parked behind cars, so it's hopeless going to knock flat by flat to come move their cars to drive out.

So on foot with a bleeding full grown man, rushing to the hospital.

We flagged down every car, truck, even okada we saw driving, not one stopped.
So, I took a running walk down to d next bus-stop, just by FGC Ijaniki, and approach the uniformed custom men.

On seeing Henry, the first officer gave up his seat, and the unending sympathetic "sorry o", "madam press the ice block for your brother face well", " chai! sorry my brother".

And then they started, trying to flag down cars. After 10mins, their boss looked at me and said " madam, no car is stopping. Let's drive you to the hospital ourselves" so they did.

No penny asked. "We don't have fuel" was not even the testimony.

We got to the Hospital, and siren started blasting. 5minutes,10minutes, hospital no gree open gate.....

Next thing I heard, the senior custom guy shouted "madam get inside the car now!!!!!"..... Lo and behold, in front of us approaching are the dreaded " ORO" cult.

So it happened the king in that community was dead and ORO was on-going.

You all know the drill ladies and gentlemen..WOMEN DO NOT SEE ORO, yet here i was, doing the neighbourly thing by 1a.m, in the middle of the night, not peeping but standing right there in the middle of the street, no place to hide, facing and staring right to the oncoming crowd of over 100 Unclad men, doing their traditional "evil"....The penalty? DEATH!!!!!Simple and short. No question asked.

The only protection i had were the gun blazing men of the Nigeria custom service, shielding me.....not the military but custom service.

If I didn't see it, I won't believe, but these men thought only to protect our country from illegal product entries, were about to put their lives on the line, protecting those they met less than 2hours ago.

It all happened so fast, but these brave 5 men, saved my life tonight and drove me out, Rambo style out.

After they dropped us home safe, telling us to go try apply first aid on his face and pray as we wait for daybreak, they left.

Again, not a penny demanded.
Some might say its their duty, but we are Nigerians and we know how it is.
Tonight, I am proud of my uniformed men. Tonight, I pray specially for those of them that stayed up all night watching our roads and going beyond their duty, to help stranded civilians like Henry, Oga Eke and I at night.

God bless and protect our uniformed men, keep them safe.

For those that keep slapping us just because....don't worry u will surely be posted to ......


SPEND 2minutes in Bed before rising, it could save your Life.

I almost died yester-night, when I stood up around 12.05a.m to ease myself, suddenly I collapsed on the floor with bruises all over me as I was about leaving the bathroom.

I guess doctors always advise don't stand up suddenly. Please spend some minutes before leaving your bed because medical fact has it that that moment your brain is not totally in control because there is no instant flow of blood or energy needed in full supply at that moment, learn from me, if not for God's grace I would have been late by now...typing this from my hospital bed.

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