Monday, June 27, 2016

Buratai Dubai Saga: A Listening Govt

The Army had said that Buratai was no where near the Defence Hqtrs in 2013 and he never opened any account with Skye Bank and there was no Procurement Department of the Army until Buratai himself established one when he became COAS a year go. So how did he now head such a non existence dept?

Therefore it was a falsehood report and a blackmail to claim that Buratai and his wife have a property in Dubai using Arms Procurement loot. It will be recalled that he was into pure soldiering during the Dasukigate bazaar and was never involved. If he was involved PMB couldn't have appointed him COAS !!!! Yes Buratai owned 2 properties in Dubai bought 3 years ago and paid Installmentally. The two properties were declared when he was appointed COAS. The proceeds came from his mechanised farming.

My take: Great !!! Verifiable facts as a defence.
I like this Govt.

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