Saturday, February 27, 2016

Whats The Worst And The Most Embarrassing Punishment You Were Given In School?

Just for fun and throwback, whats the most embarrassing punishment you were given in school? "As for me the one i will never forget was when my principal in secondary school during one morning called me out in the assembly line for defying school orders of not having sporting wave on your hair and doing low waiste, as a stubborn guy i stop attending morning assembly then i and my guys use to camp in the school dinning hall till after morning assembly, on this day our principal caught us in the dinning hall gisting about football and we were taking to the front of everybody in the assembly ground, chai we were embarrassed, our trousers drawn up to our stomach, our hair was comb and our sporting wave scattered, we knelt down in the assembly ground and all the girls that we were forming big boys for started laughing, chai we were even given the nickname, NFA student(nigeria football association) lol we became popular through embarrassement. "so guys what are yours?

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