Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Was Not Honest About my age & Now My Man Wont Forgive Me

I met a man online 5 weeks ago.As with online relationships, I withheld info and told him the age I have on my id and not my real age.I never expected the relationship to go anywhere, but we fell in love quickly we are even planning marriage. He has found out the truth about my age and is taking it badly.he compares me to his ex who he claims is a great liar and had refused to forgive me.He is doubting everything I ever told him about me and is ignoring me.

I have apologized and explained to no avail.we are meeting for the first time next weekend, but he has changed totally. He ignores my calls and msgs and I can't eat or sleep. I love this man and want to be with him.I'd it fair that he has refused to accept my explanation? Its not as if I just picked the age from the air, its the age in my do I remedy this situation? Do I keep begging him? He doesn't even read msgs.this is his first on line relationship ( to the best of my knowledge) but this is not my first online relationship and I was just being cautious cos I have had my fingers burnt online before. What do i do? I am confused.He is a 43 yr old divorcee with 3 teenagers.I am turning 35 this yr( i don't look it though) i told him i was 32 yrs old.I need advice before I go crazy.why is this age issue such a big thing for him.has he got another woman? I am confused
We live in different places but I plan on going to see him next week .I am confused right now.Help!
P:s- it wasn't a random connection online, a mutual friend linked us up because he wants to settle down and I also want to settle down.She decided to connect both of us.We are going to meet and date face to face for sometime before getting married.

I am not desperate even at this age.I have had my fair share of heartbreaks. God makes everything beautiful in his time.this is not about the marriage, its about clearing my name first.Most people living outside Naija have "football" ages on their passports and other ids.I am not trying to justify myself but he found out the truth from me.I could have kept on lying if I really wanted to but seeing how serious we have become, I owned up when he asked.

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