Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oxana SeroshtanHighwire Heels: Beautiful Russian Sets World Record Live on TV (VIDEO)

In a live performance on Italian television, talented Russian performer Oxana Seroshtan set a new world record for performing the farthest tightrope walk while wearing stiletto heels.

Talented Russian artist Oxsana Seroshtan earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records after she was able to walk 15 meters on a tightrope wearing 12cm stiletto heels.
Oxana walked the rope live on the Italian television show 'Guinness World Records' and doubled the previous record distance of 7.5 meters, which had been set by Australian Chelsea McGuffin.

Brave Oxana kept her balance with the help of a fan that she held in her right hand. The razor-thin rope was 7.5 meters long, and she walked from one end to the other, spun on her proverbial heel, and walked back.

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