Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Some Reasons Ladies Act The Way They Do.

Good evening peeps.
I have critically looked at some complains by Nairaland guys and to be honest, some of them sound so hilarious. They open threads about it and still, the truth remains covered. They leave more frustrated, I guess.

I thought it timely to unveil some of the REASONS LADIES ACT THE WAY THEY DO.

I'm no psychologist neither I TIM LAHAYE, but I believe some of these answers will help my Nairaland friends to better understand our ladies better and not get confused when these attitudes play out.

Let's see some reasons:

1. When she leaves her undies at your place

- A lady told me saying, it's a "possessing your possession" tactics. I was like, who does that? I thought differently until today.

- A few others (5%) just forgot it. Thanks to constant cohabitation. wink

2. When she starts over-demanding even when she knows your financial capacity.

- She just met some one else and wants a breakup via a quarrel.

- Must have heard friends boasting on how theirs involve in profligate spending on them.

3. When she gets angry each time you ask her about her past relationships

- She isn't proud of something there. Not like she is bad but it hurts her to have made some mistakes. Give her some time before proceeding to the next point...

- She is hiding something from you.
If she is a sincere girl who wants a honest relationship, she shouldn't get angry for crying out loud. All the time you gave her, yet, she wants to conceal it till...you hear it from elsewhere and she now comes begging, "hun, I'm sorry. It was the devil" lobatan!

4. When she tells you, "I'm in a relationship" and still wants to be your friend, and her supposed "imaginary" boyfriend isn't in sight."

- Have you noticed, the best thing to do
is to be her friend? That statement is a tricky one. Be her friend to the point of being a brother (Make her free, laugh and happy, with friendship in mind- cancel her thoughts) . At that point, she will focus her attention on you. She might even approach you. It might be too late then. undecided

5. When she keeps changing her decisions about dating you.

- Sometimes, it's because there are other options available to her. But something about you makes her want to still consider you. She's still trying to keep you with one hand.

- Other times, it's just the influence of friends. Her bestie, perhaps.

6. When you are having an "emotional chat" with her and dp goes, wow, "I love you, Pete. and your name is Jamiu!

- Firstly Jamiu, she might be seeing you as a
stalker. Maybe, you forced your way into her Friend's List. She wants to get rid of you ASAP.

- Secondly, If you're James and not Jamiu, she's just trying to play with your mind by making you think she is surrounded. More often than not, Pete doesn't exist! She's so alone. It's a strategy called 5-4-1.

7. When she says to this thread and the Op, "You'll never be able to understand a woman, NEVER, no matter how hard you try!"

- That's a harsh defence tactics by Nairaland Ladies called 6-3-1 since 1672. tongue. 

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