Thursday, December 31, 2015

Deadly counterfeit alcoholic drinks flood UK shops ahead of new year festivities

Trading Standards, UK, is warning party goers about counterfeit alcohol containing lethal chemicals that can cause vomiting and in some cases, death. Drinks containing toxins including chloroform, anti-freeze and ethyl acetate have been found in counterfeit bottles of alcohol across the country, Trading Standards has warned.

The drinks often mimic branded products and other tell tale signs include spelling errors, a key warning sign of fake vodka is that it smells like nail varnish. Hundreds of thousands of litres of counterfeit products were seized in the run-up to Christmas in a battle to quash the billion-pound bootleg alcohol industry.

Now, councils are warning New Year partygoers about the severe health implications of drinking fake drinks - and to be vigilant. Lauren Platts was unable to get out of bed for two days after drinking what she thought was legitimate vodka while Liz Goldsborough blacked out after drinking counterfeit vodka.

Some of the products seized have been found to contain lethal chemicals such as chloroform, which can induce comas, and isopropanol, commonly found in car screenwash and anti-freeze.

Other contain ethyl acetate, which is used in glues, nail polish removers and cigarettes and can lead to organ damage.

Drinking fake alcoholic drinks can cause vomiting, permanent blindness, kidney or liver problems and, in extreme cases, death.

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