Saturday, July 23, 2016

65k With Accommodation Or 75k Without Accommodation Job Offer?

Kindly advise my teacher friend. He got his current job late last year and he is paid a monthly salary of 65k plus free accommodation. The salary is very regular and he gets at least 13k by the end of every term. Before the end of the just concluded term, the management of the school directed that every staff should reapply for the position they currently hold or any other position they deem fit to occupy. Meanwhile, the management had told them there is no room for renegotiation. So, they were subjected to fresh written and oral interview this week shortly after fresh applicant did theirs. Although, he is confident he will scale through, the threat and stress of the just is becoming unbearable. Just yesterday, he got an offer from another school (new school) to be paid 75k but without accommodation. He is considering leaving his current job taking the new job while he waits for his July salary to be paid. Is this really a wise decision?

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