Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Photos: Nigerian Air Force Operatives Descend On Tax Force Men In Calabar.

A group of tax force officials were beaten earlier today in Calabar, Cross River State Capital city by some officers of the Nigerian Air force. The incident which reportedly happened at the popular Mobil filling station saw an Air force Officer descend on the tax force as they were about towing a Volkswagen Golf vehicle for wrong parking.

Nigerian Airforce officers fight Tax Force men in Calabar

The tax force men apprehended the cab guy and wanted to tow his vehicle, before the guy called the Airforce man who happened to be the alleged owner of the vehicle. When the officer came, they started arguing and the other pushed him. That was how it started, according to Calabar Reporters.

The tax force team reportedly put up a fight and threatened to arrest the Air Force officer when he tried to relate to a case concerning his taxi driver.

The Air force officer had to call his colleagues on phone to come to his aid. His colleagues arrived the scene as they descended on the tax force men, but the guy that started the fray was nowhere to be found.

The officers chased after the leader of the tax force group and dealt with him severely.

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