Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Story As An Underemployed Graduate In Lagos

I read a story from this section that made front page about a guy (abi na girl) that said his aunt is begging him to take a job with Jevinik with 80k salary and free acomodation. he said hes bin jobless for a year and needs advice whether 2 take up d job or not! That thread realy anoyed a lot of people including myself. Ok a little story abt myself. Am a graduate with 2:1 and guess what my salary is? 45k! and i spend 7k on tfair every month with a very wicked boss who sees himself as God. I got dat job after a year just like dat op but unlike him, i hustled hard for dat job which i saw here on nl, had to even borow money for tfair. but dat my boss is the reason am still on dat job cos hes preparing me for sth bigger, i wont run away like others. there are a lot of things i ve learnt and am still learning dat will come very handy very soon.

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