Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Man narrates how he & other passengers were made to sit on a plane for 3 hours while a 'special task force' searched all item in the cargo

 The passenger Chiekezi Dozie wrote on Facebook: Everyday I keep being reminded of the "Tao of Anyhowness" written by Victor. I have just been sitting on a plane for 3 hours whilst a "special task force" from the presidency has been searching every single item in the cargo hold individually. This was done without a care for people's time, sensitivities or even their luggage. Hiding behind the mask of the presidency is not what we are looking for and neither is it the change we sought, it's just more of the same. All I can wish for these so called officials who didn't even have the decency, courtesy or home training to apologize is an infestation of locusts, lice and maggots in their nether region!!

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