Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ex-Beauty Queen Dabota Lawson Delivers Baby Girl

 We hinted here a while back on Rumour has it that ex Beauty queen Dabota Lawson was pregnant and hiding,you remember right?

The ex Beauty queen suddenly vanished from circulation but was still leading her fans on by posting stuff on her IG handle ..

Interesting to note was that the CLAP BACK queen suddenly stopped clapping..LOL

Dabota delivered her pitter patter of tiny feet in Texas,USA Yesterday Saturday October 8,2016.

The name tag on the baby reads ''Dabota''

Sources close to Dabota allege that her mum is presently with her in Texas attending to Omugwo duties.

It would be recalled that Dabota filled for divorce from her billioniare hubby, Sunny Aku back in February 2016 on grounds of irreconcilable differences, but they later reconciled in April,

Here is wishing her all the best and pray that motherhood brings her nothing but Joy,Peace of mind and love.

My source begged that i do not use the photo which was sent as proof but i am using it in case Dabota plans to clap back.

We say a big congrats to her! May God bless the baby.

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