Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Babatunde Oyedepo Is Not The Owner Of Naijagistlive, Admin Reacts

Yesterday we published a story that blogger Babatunde Oyedepo was arrested over his attempts to scam Femi Otedola.

It has turned out that he is not the real owner of Naijagistlive but just a web designer.

Here is a press statement from Naijagistlive.com admin.

Read it below as he exposes more things.

‘The Nation’ reports “Police arrest man over attempt to defraud Otedola” but couldn’t state how Otedola was defrauded? How was money illegally obtained from him? What money did he lose? Where is the proof of the activities to “defraud” him?

This type of journalism is a joke as they repeatedly wrote my name as naijagistlife.com because they couldn’t be bothered to click a site & do one ounce of investigation into their alleged “factual story”.

Today, @instablog9ja decided to repost the story defaming Babtunde Oyedepo as a fraudster. @instablog9ja of course, sits & culls stories from other blogs all day so he added his copy & paste paragraph from ‘The Nation’ & added in his own slanderous comments.

FYI @instablog9ja keeps DELETING MY COMMENTS stating the truth because if he leaves my comments up, it is proof that the story he reported would be false for wrongfully accusing an innocent man as the owner of Naijagistlive when I am sitting right here. I have been active on @9jagistlive3 since early morning. These are the “blogs” you people patronize & bash me when I only speak the truth. A journalists job is to report stories & uncover their own truths to add on to the story as it develops. If he was a real journalist, he would repost my post to prove I am active & state what I am allegedly saying against corruption & wrongful arrests. Too bad he is not looking for the truth; he is happy being a form of mediocre entertainment for a few minutes. Just another form of social media controlled by the corrupt.

Shina Peller allegedly was on his Instagram boasting that “he got the owner of Naijagistlive arrested” when a random person had written “sir you are posted on Naijagistlive”. Shina Peller then removed the comments because he likes to pretend like he is not bothered by anything posted about him which is why I’m exposing him. He does not want the credit for trying to take down NGL.

Why would a man who has never contacted me to even complain about a comment pretend like he was threatened or extorted for money? Because he can’t risk his dirty laundry being aired & admittance to his stories flying off the blog shows that they are factual.

Shina Peller likes to play nonchalant but he is the most pained & the worst part is he has street mentality. He could have contacted me, filed a formal complaint, done the necessary steps following the law even if he was trying to build a case of defamation of character.

Nigeria is a crazy place. There are many goons out there willing to do anything for money. Whether it is a police man turning a blind eye for a couple thousand naira or a police man who took some money under the desk to harass & torture an innocent person which is what has happened in this case.

We, the public, should not allow men with power or money to corrupt our justice system & law enforcement officials. This case is a prime example & will set precedent for many others where police officers accept bribes from these men to stay under their thumb for their own monetary gain. These “powerful men” in return go around bragging that they have officers, commissioners, judges & lawyers in their pockets.

Let’s check out the 4 petitioners in this alleged fraud/extortion case:

Shina Peller, a rumoured fraudster with his pockets being filled with 419 money.
Femi Otedola, dirty dealings in the past with banks, companies & he profited from robbing our country during the fuel subsidy when he allegedly fled the country after protesters visited him.
Dapo Balogun, rumoured thief & fraudster who robbed a fellow corrupt figure.
Tolani Bidmus, no stranger to adultery; character in question.

Don’t be fooled by these people trying to cover up their own dirty deeds of corruption with more corruption.

I am in support of the freedom of speech. Social media platforms & publications for cases like this are necessary to reveal the truth & crack the concrete corruption embedded into the sidewalks of our society today.

Me writing to all my readers today is proof that Babatunde Oyedepo is not the owner of Naijagistlive.com & if he is harmed in anyway, shape or form, we the public, will know the truth of what happened. This is the reason I am making this a public issue.

These ‘secret arrests’, hidden or missing paperwork, judges being paid off, lack of evidence, detaining someone unlawfully, torturing for information, restricted evidence hearings or denying the suspect to contact his or her lawyer is apparent in this case.

I wish I can reveal more to my readers. Everything will be out in the open, truth shall prevail.

I have screenshots, emails, paperwork of everything. I have never contacted anyone first to threaten, blackmail or extort. If I am contacted by a public relations company to do some reputation clean up, the PR company is paid to do so.

Naijagistlive has never contacted anyone initially but my contact information is stated if anyone has the need to contact me.

My ONLY email is naijagistlive.com@gmail.com

I have never threatened a Nigerian citizen.

I have never threatened anyone’s life verbally or written.

I have never attempted to extort a Nigerian citizen by demanding any amount of monetary value.

I have never demanded 3.5 million from “the lawyer”.

I have never had ANY CONTACT with Tolani Bidmus, Dapo Balogun, Shina Peller or Nana Otedola, let alone Femi Otedola.

I have never received a formal complaint from any of these “petitioners”, which is initially the first requirement of any case involving suing a blog.

I remove nude pictures off my site after a certain amount of time at my own discretion, I was never contacted to remove alleged nudes.

I was contacted by a Public Relations company on behalf of one of these names.

I have never claimed “Femi Otedola was sleeping with girls in his office”. (Many people have the screenshots & cache versions of my original story).

I am well versed in the laws involving extortion.

The person making the threat must state an intention to commit an injury or harmful action against the victim.

Nigeria is a lawless country; that is why these crooked cops were able to snap a picture of a person when he was not even officially charged.

Each & every person involved in this will be exposed for the false accusations & each & every petitioner must have the PROOF & paperwork to back up their claim for fraud, blackmail, threats & extortion.

No receipts were posted by any of the “journalists”.

Not only was Babatunde wrongfully accused, wrongfully arrested, wrongfully detained, protocol was not followed, his rights were taken away but the press intrusion that occurred this evening when two journalists named a suspect who had not officially been charged by Nigeria’s police department & released an unlawfully obtained photo will not go unseen & should never have happened.

If you think about someone who might be wrongly accused … that [accusation] is going to be on Google for the rest of his life and he will never be able to get away from it.

People are innocent until proven guilty. It has to have the force of law. There should be a presumption that people have anonymity at the point of arrest.

There was absolutely NO reason to reveal his identity. That picture was not taken in an official mugshot with a case number documented. It was taken with a personal phone which is illegal & should never have been posted publicly. Babatunde Oyedepo should not be penalized as a innocent bystander.

‘The Nation” & @instablog9ja should issue a retraction.

His character was defamed, he was ridiculed, he was written as a “fraudster” & “school drop out” by journalists who slandered his image where he will have sustainable loss & injury to his business & public image. He will have a strong lawsuit against the police department & these blogs for the loss & injury that he suffered.

A human rights lawyer is necessary.

I own a blog where I receive submissions daily. I will protect the anonymity of my sources.

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