Monday, March 27, 2017

#ColonyNigeria: Dino Melaye is a typical Nigerian

There's nothing authentic about him other than the coat of skin on his skeletal frame.
As a Nigerian, we were not encouraged to speak our languages, we were not thought our history, our holy land is Jerusalem and Mecca. Our spiritual fathers speak in tongues, and worship every god in other people's images.

Imagine, Ooni's father is Jesus while he sits on the thrown of Ile Ife as Oba. Is that an Arole Oduduwa ?
Even the geographical confinement called Nigeria is an artificial state created through colonization. When are we as Niger area people going to stop answering to this insult?
If you live in a physical state of illusion, you are bound to suffer from illusion of inclusion. No wonder we bleach our skin, hide our real hair with wigs etc, celebrate a phony independence and practice a democracy that has never elected a president but facilitate a suitable puppet to be selected for the globalist in the West.

By now you need to know that, African leaders are not a factor on the world stage, they are mere actors auditioning for political roles. Under the direct guardians of the western countries, China and Saudi Arabia.

I digress.........
Back to Dino Melaye, he's fulfilling his role as a stooge. Just like any soccer fan in Nigeria who pride himself or herself wearing Chelsea football club in England however, embarrassed wearing Eyimba of Aba football jersey. A local team in Nigeria where he or she lives.
This was why Dino Melaye had to lie to his constituency, that he has a degree from institutions abroad because he knew you all would take him seriously.

Nigerians are educated to be ill mentally, suffer from low self esteem, Eurocentric to a fault and be anti-Afrocentricity. To be frank with you, this is the standard education available to Africans. That's why our brothers in South Africa, were killing their Nigerian brothers.
There's no place to hide for Nigerian Africans. If you are not brain washed with cheap western education. You'll be religiously indoctrinated with Bible or the Quran. In my Yoruba book. This is what I call a "double impact."

As it is now. Our ancestors we were thought to disgust in all our discuss; were able to build a system and govern themselves independently before they were annexed by foreign powers.
Today, ask yourselves, you the so called ideologues, educated, professionals, independent, humanist, feminist, political gurus, religious fanatics and Eurocentric Nigerians. How come we still beg as a nation for foreign aids to feed ourselves ?

It is easy to convince majority of Nigerians, that Jesus died for them on a cross and Mohammad was the only true servant of Allah. It is futile convincing Niger area people (Nigerians) they still live in a colony govern by idiots like Dino Melaye.
Open ya Eyes..........

Odua Balogun Kakanfo

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