Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I dislike Sex, But once in a blue moon I Do It Just To Please My BF - MzBel

Ghanaian artist, Belinda Amoah, famously known as MzBel has underscored on the fact that she only engages in sexual relations to satisfy the man she's dating to keep him from double dating her. She made this yummy disclosure in a meeting with Us

As per her:

“I don’t like sex but when I am in a relationship, once in a while, I do it so I can please my partner. My boyfriend always complains that I cannot do this, I cannot do that and I tell him baby teach me. I do not like sex but I will do it so that my man will not cheat on me.”
Personally, I feel a man will cheat if he wants to cheat, whether or not you spread your legs wider than Ibadan expressway or 3rd mailand bridge in a bid to please him.

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